Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kitchen Hamlet Has a Fan in Wasilla?

So I've been using Google Analytics to track traffic on the Kitchen Hamlet website. The information the site provides is tantalizing, fascinating, obscure, frustrating, and surprising. Sometimes, I can see just when someone in a given location has visited the site; sometimes, I can see how they got there; sometimes, I can tell we've been visited from a particular network. Other times, it's utterly mysterious what's going on, when it happened, etc.

One piece of information I can see is how long visits to the site have been, on average, from various locations. We've been visited sometimes for mere fractions of a second. On average, people visit the site for two minutes and nine seconds. (This is deceptive, however, because the number is computed starting once a visitor begins visiting beyond the front page.) Our single longest visit so far was for 22 minutes and 16 seconds. (Honestly, I don't think even I could figure out how to spend that long on the site.) This visit was from Wasilla, Alaska.

This information entertains me beyond reason. I love imagining Sarah Palin spending looking at Kitchen Hamlet at all, let alone browsing the site for 22 minutes. Better yet, I can tell that the visit was on July 25. Why does that matter? Well, it turns out that was the very day that Sarah Palin resigned as governor. I picture her (before the speech? after?) watching the trailer again and again, ending each time on the closing words of the trailer: "The readiness is all."

If you are our secret Wasilla admirer, post a comment or send an email and let us know. And ex-Governor Palin, if it's you, there's a DVD with your name on it. Just say the word.

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Blogger Dawn Potter said...

Tracking site traffic is indeed strange and tantalizing. Who are these visitors from faraway lands who find their way to us?

August 26, 2009 at 7:25 AM  

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