Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where Have We Been? (Appalachia, mostly)

So a year and a half ago (give or take a couple of months), I was merrily writing blog entries. Then a little something happened: I started a new job. It's a terrific job; I'm very happy to be there. Still, some things had to slide, and this blog was one of them.

Here's the good news: Kitchen Hamlet wasn't sleeping, even though this blog was. We've shown at three festivals so far, and I've been able to attend two of them. We've shown as an official selection to date at Southern Appalachian International Film Festival (SOAPIFF), Appalachian Film Festival, and the Garden State Film Festival (GSFF).

You may have noticed a pattern. It's like a little game of "Which of these things is not like the other?" Yes, we appear to be popular with festivals that have "Appalachia" in their name. While that might be surprising for a film of Hamlet, it's maybe not so surprising for our film of Hamlet. We did film in Ohio, though not formally in the Appalachian portion of the state. And the film has an intentional rural feel.

Still, I'd be lying if I didn't admit to a certain amount of relief when we heard from the Garden State Film Festival. It felt good to add a festival outside of Appalachia, or even just one without "Appalachia" in its name. Plus, it was close enough to drive to. And I did.

I'll write next about the trips I've made to festivals so far, as well as the other festivals we've been selected for. One's in the south, and one's not, but there's no "Appalachia" in the name of either.

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