Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Going Live (The Announcement)

It's official now; we have a website. All glory to Adam for making it happen under insane circumstances, and also for making it look so great. You can go there for all kinds of stuff: trailer, director's statement, cast and crew, articles about Kitchen Hamlet, links to folks who've been involved in the movie. Check it out, and send me any feedback about what you'd like to see there. We want to make it as useful, informative, enjoyable, etc. as possible.

By the way, everything Adele, Eli, and I own got loaded onto a truck (actually, two trucks) today. We start the drive to Northampton tomorrow morning, and should arrive Thursday afternoon. I probably won't be posting much for a couple of days, until we get set up in the new house. The good news is that the cable company is supposed to come set internet up on Friday morning.

Some updates on the festival front as well. I got three more submissions off this week; I figured I'd better get ahead of the game before the move. We submitted to London, Chicago, and Telluride. It's a little strange telling everyone where we've submitted, in part because it doesn't leave us much ability to save face by pretending we didn't apply if we don't get in. When I teach acting, I tell my students that they play characters in the moments when they admit to themselves what they want, and how much they want it. Apparently, I'm doing the same here. Coming from outside the film world, it's difficult to know where our film fits, so we're just going to keep trying to find our place. (Haverford College was kind enough to write an article about Kitchen Hamlet, and in it I talk a little about that very topic.)

I spoke to Pat Shaw (our Hamlet) on the phone today, and he mentioned that it was funny that I was blogging now, about this part of the process, rather than back when we were actually making the movie. It's an interesting observation, and I hope to talk about it in a later post. For now, it's off to Northampton.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting the KITCHEN HAMLET Website Ready For You

The Kitchen Hamlet website is coming! Adam Hinterlang and I are getting everything pretty for you, and we're fighting the powers that control registrations and hosting. In a matter of days, we'll have it up and running. In the mean time, check out the trailer on YouTube.

Of course, the process is slightly slowed by the fact that I'm moving to Northampton in six days, to teach at Smith College. Still, I promise we'll get it done. Keep watching here, and I'll make an announcement as soon as it's ready.

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